The percentage of women investing in Bitcoin is growing!

Gryscale has prepared a report in which it suggests that 43% of investors interested in Bitcoin are women.

The survey involved 1100 American investors aged 25-64. All respondents were involved in personal investments and had at least USD 10,000 in investment assets.

Bitcoin is not a male domain.

As other reports suggest, cryptocurrencies are considered to be a space reserved mainly for men. In addition, GoogleAnalytics suggests that more than 90% of the involvement of the Bitcoin community is made up of men. But the data revealed in this study question this perception.

This report notes:

“Conversations about bitcoin focus mainly on male investors, but data suggests that women are also interested in bitcoins.

In particular, 56.2% of women and 56.4% of men see significant growth opportunities in digital currencies. In addition, 49.8% of women believe that limited supply of Bitcoin can increase demand and price, as can 49.9% of men.

Moreover, 47% of women, compared to only 39% of men, believe it is time to buy Bitcoins because they believe that the price will only increase. Interestingly, 63% of women, compared to 56% of men, agreed that being able to buy only a small portion of BTC was an important reason for their interest in this investment.

Among 43% of investors interested in BTC there were women. About 80% of women were also intrigued by its potential, while 93% said they would be more open to cryptocurrencies if more educational materials were available.

The report also states that women see investment as a way to protect themselves and their families rather than a way to enrich themselves. For example, 60% of women were more concerned about financial security than wealth creation, while only 48% of men shared this view.

Women are less likely to take risks when it comes to investment.

42% of women also said they were “planning to invest safely”, so 35% of men said the same thing.

Men are more “confident” in their investments than women.

Moreover, women more often rate themselves as less willing to invest than men, while 44% of women and 22% of men say they do not feel confident in investing.

At the same time, women have a more pessimistic view of the US economy – only 46% expect positive development – and 57% of men were optimistic. A similar contrast can be observed when analysing their views on the global economy, with only 36% expecting positive changes compared to 43% of men.

Although the report suggests that interest in Bitcoin is almost equally divided between men and women, other sources suggest that much less women invest in Bitcoin than men in general. As reported by Cointelegraph at the end of July, it is estimated that only 20% of European holders of cryptocurrencies are women.

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