MetaMask is restored to Google Play!

On 1 January this year MetaMask informed its users that Google has revoked its temporary ban and restored the popular Ethereum (ETH) crypto wallet to its store.

Google is revoking its ban

Last week we wrote about MetaMask being blocked in the Google Play app store. For what reasons? Well, this wallet was supposed to be in Google politics. To be more precise, it was accused of allowing users to mine (extract) the cryptocurrency. Although MetaMask refuted these allegations, Google rejected his first appeal.

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However, the whole incident turned out to be a simple misunderstanding. With the beginning of the New Year, a message appeared that the problem had been resolved.

After the case has been reviewed by the Google Compliance team, the MetaMask cryptographic wallet has been returned to the Google Play app store. The cryptographic company thanked all its observers for their support.

Negative consequences for the crypto industry

The whole incident seemed quite irrational from the beginning. Google robbed MetaMask because it thought that dApp allowed users to extract the cryptocurrency via their mobile phone, which was not true.

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What’s more, in December 2019, videos about the cryptocurrencies began to be removed from Google’s YouTube platform, even though they were in no way incompatible with the rules. Crypto YouTubers community received notifications that their content is “harmful and dangerous”. Of course, a few days later YouTube admitted that this was a mistake on its part and undertook to restore all deleted videos. However, many users have lost confidence in this platform.

It was also noted that for some time now, Google has been suppressing news related to cryptocurrencies in Google News. This is to the detriment of the whole industry, as important information can be difficult for users to find.

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