LinkedIn: blockchain skills will be highly sought after in 2020.

According to a new study by LinkedIn, blockchain skills will be highly sought-after “hard skills” in 2020.

LinkedIn: blockchain technology specialists in demand

Blockchain is becoming more popular in this respect than cloud computing and artificial intelligence. Interestingly, a similar list of skills sought after by employees prepared by LinkedIn Learning in 2019 did not include blockchain technology at all. At the time, the most needed skill on the market was considered to be that of cloud computing. Further skills included artificial intelligence, analytical reasoning, human management and UX design.

The report was based on an analysis of skills that were highly sought after in the market, compared to their supply. In particular, demand was measured by examining the skills listed in LinkedIn profiles of people who were employed in the best paid positions.

Unlike soft skills, hard skills refer to an employee’s ability to perform a specific task and include specialized technical knowledge and skills such as software development, tax accounting or patent law knowledge. Meanwhile, soft skills relate more to how these tasks are performed – how employees adapt, cooperate, solve problems and make decisions.

Blockchain potential

The post also pointed to the great blockchain technology as a technology in the fintech market.

It was emphasized that many well-known brands such as IBM, Oracle, JPMorgan, Amazon, as well as LinkedIn’s parent company, Microsoft, actively implement this technology at home. The post also recommended that recruiters should be more aware of the advantages of blockchain technology:

“Blockchain has emerged from the once dark world of cryptography to become a business solution for various problems. This means you don’t have to work in financial services to look for new employees who have the experience and knowledge to use blockchain. That’s why recruiters should start learning how blockchain works, what its noticeable benefits are and who are the people who are best placed to help your company discover where this promising technology can play a role.

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