Is Cloud Token and Exxa Wallet are another crypto scam?

After the information about the arrest of Plus Token creators by the police in China appeared, it might seem that the days of Cloud Token are counted. However, Exxa Wallet appeared at the end of September. He was immediately baptized as a twin brother of Cloud Token. Can we expect an exquisite scam?

Exxa Wallet is a hit.

On September 19, on YouTube appeared a lot of interesting materials about Exxa Wallett. The premiere took place on September 29th. It turns out, however, that we are dealing with a rewritten version of Token Cloud. Even his wardrobe is very similar. In turn, the affiliate program has been completely unchanged.

Exxa Wallet in the future will be a great platform for wealth management on blockchain. Apart from the wallet itself, there is also an educational program. That’s exactly what the Axxx Digital Academy is all about. We earn money from it by learning.


As far as the main element of the Exxa system is concerned, it is an advanced bot. It is called DEVO+. Its task is to multiply all cryptocurrencies and also to provide about six percent profit per month. For this purpose, it uses artificial intelligence, technical analysis indicators, and algorithms. It’s all about trend lines, MACD and RSI. With such parameters, trading systems are not as good as they should be. Especially those that are used by the best hedge funds.

All project developers and the very mysterious Ronald Aai

The creators are Danny Pang. We still know very little about him. We know that he was only active in the sales sector and he is an entrepreneur. The second co-founder is Francis Aw. He has experience in IMB in Motorola with headquarters in Singapore. He ran three hi-tech companies in the hi-tech industry. And Gregory Ang is the founder of GangTV. He has also worked for the Hallmark Channel, Discovery Channel, and many, many other television stations. However, there is no information about any of them in the network.

Since Exxa is a twin brother of Cloud Token, one should think that the real creators were actually Ronald Aai. As can be seen from the description on Cloud Token’s website, he has many years of experience in social media, IOT systems, mobile wallets, blockchain technology, mobile phones, and payments. He allegedly worked for Huawei or Samsung.

Is this the moment when Ronald Aai runs out of money?

Very similarly to Cloud Token, it seems to be a more incompetent version of Plus Token. In fact, Exxa looks similar. We have the impression that it was prepared in a hasty way for Cloud Token clone. Exxa worked much shorter than Cloud Token. It is also said that to Ronald Aai. As we can see in the attached picture nothing is as colorful as it might seem. The market is extremely dynamic and all the time new products start to surprise us at every step. As you can see, however, some of them are created very quickly and thus not quite responsibly and thoughtfully.

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