IBM registers the marriage on a platform based on blockchain technology

According to content published by Cointelegraph on 17th December this year the first marriage was registered in Brazil on an IBM platform based on a block chain.

The local Brazilian media have disseminated the message. It reports that the married couple has become the first organisation of this kind. The content of IBM’s statement refers to the fact that it is the only such record in the world so far. It also highlights the fact that everything has been run in accordance with Brazilian regulations and legal procedures.

First married couple registered in IBM’s block chain

The registration of the marriage could be done through the Growth Tech Notary Ledgers network. As everyone knows, it provides digital registration services. Everything is carried out using IBM’s chain platform and takes place in the cloud of a public technology company. Guilherm mesquita, or one of the wedding guests described the above situation as going very fast. It is certainly a practical step to broadcast a digital certificate, the authenticity of which can be checked online.

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The future spouses decided to finalize the marriage in front of ticket office 15 in Rio de Janeiro. The marriage was approved by two notaries, who are required during the digital process. A digital signature was then affixed to meet all legal requirements currently in force in Brazil.

An additional advantage and proof at the same time is the fact that the document issued by the local state office working with blockchain technology waited about 20 minutes.

For this scenario to happen:

  • create a digital identity for the couple on the web,
  • choose a service
  • select an appropriate questionnaire designed to automatically generate a stable compound.

The creator of Growth Tech and its CEO, Hugo Pierre, spoke about the first marriage that took place this way. His opinion clearly shows the public that services based on blockchaine technology are not only extremely safe but also reliable and cost-effective.

Using the blockchain to confirm births

Another example of the use of block chain technology by Brazilians is the previously mentioned IBM platform, introduced in October this year, which was used to record the birth certificate. How easy it is to guess everything took place in Rio de Janeiro.

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IBM Trusted Identity’s Director of Technology, Dan Gisolfi, noted that, as with the creation of physical and digital identity cards, the issue of digital birth registration through a chain of blockchain is a response to society. As in the case of marriage, the registration of the birth of a Brazilian child has not only been maintained, but all legal regulations have been respected. This was done using the Growth Tech Notary Ledgers network. As we have written earlier, it provides digital registration services using IBM’s block chain platforms. The whole thing is of course recorded in the IBM cloud.

Hugo Pierre, the founder of Growth Tech and its CEO, commented on the whole process. In his opinion, despite the fact that most maternity hospitals in Brazil have notary offices in their facilities, receiving a birth certificate is not a simple task. This is due, among other things, to the long waiting period, as the country enjoys a high birth rate. The introduction of a block chain would significantly speed up the waiting period for documentation.

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