Further development of GG World Lottery and last chance for bonuses

GG World Lottery and the GGC (Global Game Coin) token behind the project have had an exceptionally successful start to the year. The project does not slow down, and further information from GG International proves that the implementation is still going on at a faster pace than planned.

GG World Lottery and GGC (Global Game Coin)

Global Game Coin (GGC) is the token of the GG World Lottery project, the first online lottery in the world to operate on the basis of numerous national licensed lotteries also operated by GG International. Currently, Lotto Zambia and Peruvian SomosLotto have been launched.

The feature that particularly distinguishes GG World Lottery from others is the highest guaranteed jackpot prize in the world, amounting to as much as $100,000,000. GG World Lottery tickets are now available online through a network of white label websites using WhiteLotto.com software developed by the company.

Most of the information we have published so far has been about the dynamic growth of GG World Lottery and the GGC token, but it is important to note that the WhiteLotto.com software, which has been developed by the company, is becoming more and more popular, and more brands are joining the growing list of white label sites.

According to the company, WhiteLotto.com software has joined the ranks of users of WhiteLotto.com:


https://vodilotto.com – Asian market


https://pocolotto.com – Targets the Latin American market.
https://tiger888lotto.com – Focused on the Asian market (Japan, China, South Korea).

The growing number of sites using this software is also very important for GG World Lottery, as it allows for continuous expansion of coverage and sales.

This in turn is very good news for GGC’s token holders, as more sales translate into a higher bonus 2. It is worth noting that on 10.01.2020 all token holders have received this bonus for their wallets. There is also a last chance for the undecided – the company informed about prolonging the time of token registration, entitled to receive bonuses (details on the token website, https://ggc.gg.international/) until 31.01.2020.

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