Female Zuckerberg fooled losers for billions of dollars OneCoin Scam

The story of the OneCoin pyramid and the robbery of billions of dollars from uninformed users from around the world is suitable for a movie. We present a condensed version of a story published by a journalist chasing the founder of OneCoin in a British weekly magazine.

OneCoin – the biggest fraud in history?

For years we have been warning you (not just us) about a pyramid, fraud, scam, probably one of the biggest in recent years in the field of technology and finance. Although OneCoin has nothing to do with technology, it has nothing to do with finance and looting.

In recent days, The Mail on Sunday has published an extensive article by Jamie Bartlett on the wanted founder of OneCoin, Dr. Ruji Ignatova. Jamie Bartlett is undoubtedly one of the people who knows the most about the OneCoin pyramid affair. The journalist investigated the disappearance of the founder, followed her around the world and runs a podcast dedicated to the BBC – The Missing Cryptoqueen.

It is suspected that the disappearance of Dr. Ruji Ignatova may be associated with the biggest individual financial fraud in history.

It is estimated that over £3.5 billion has been invested in OneCoin until March 2017 alone. It is also said that the documents of the New York Prosecutor’s Office indicate that the amount of money injected into the pyramid was much higher. 3.5 billion could have been invested then only on one of the continents, of which GBP 100 million comes from Great Britain.

Unaware investors and guilty leaders

Huge events, conferences, “support” and lack of response from public institutions have made millions of people invest in OneCoin. In Poland, too, we had to deal with the so-called “prize winners” and leaders who encouraged to invest in the pyramid (Ponzi’s diagram). Those people who were fully aware of the future consequences of participating in the pyramid, i.e. losing money and, what is worse, encouraging others to invest, should face severe penalties. Let us hope that this will soon come true.

Unfortunately, there were also uninformed users of the system who encouraged their family and friends to “invest” in the system. Jamie mentions one such story and a person whose network talked about investing up to £200,000.

OneCoin’s social media numbers speak for themselves in part. Facebook – more than 100,000 likes; YouTube – nearly 30,000 subscribers; Twitter – more than 10,000 followers.

Interestingly, OneCoin continues to function even though the company’s employees do not know what happened to Dr. Ignatova.

Once again, we warn against the investment in pyramids and OneCoin scams that are crawling with the Internet today.

If you would like to hear more about the disappearance of Dr. Ruja Ignatova, prosecuted by the FBI, please write about it in your comments.

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