CoinDeal finalizes obtaining a license in Malta

On 25 November this year, a managerial delegation from CoinDeal went directly to Malta to hold a meeting at the Ministry of Finance, the Malta Financial Services Authority. This is the next stage, which leads directly to the receipt of a Maltese VFA. How was all this planned and what is to be achieved thanks to it? We will find out in a moment. Certainly, CoinDeal does not settle on its laurels and continues However, it has a slightly different plan for its operation.

CoinDeal applies for a Maltese licence for crypto-currency exchanges

The two-year-old crypto CoinDeal stock exchange is constantly developing its functionalities. What is more, 355 thousand users are already enjoying it. The creators of the platform do not forget about the bar of their high-profile competition. It is about good security systems and also about obtaining new licenses. CoinDeal scores positively on maintaining the quality of good services while maintaining high security thresholds. In addition, there is also an attractive and profitable partner programme. This platform certainly offers one of the lowest possible fees on the market, and the users have a real influence on the development of the stock exchange itself, by just voting for brand new coins, which provide the best possible supply to new markets.

Another important piece of information

On 25 November this year, a managerial delegation from CoinDeal went to Malta. Why did they go there? The idea was to hold a meeting at the Ministry of Finance – MFSA The Malta Financial Services Authority. This is the next stage, which leads to the exchange receiving a Maltese VFA. And who participated in this meeting? The meeting was attended by all the founders of the stock exchange, GDPR Officer, Risk Manager and Head of Compliance.

This company in Malta operates on the basis of the so-called transitional license, which allows them to operate pending the approval of the MFSA. All these activities are in full compliance with the law and are subject to Maltese regulations. The Exchange must meet the requirements of the fourth class VFA (Virtual Financial Asset).

CoinDeal suddenly visits the Maltese Ministry of Finance and finalizes its licensing process.

All licensees are entitled to provide the service of any VFA, store or control assets or customer money in connection with the provision of the service itself. As we can see in the cryptocurrencies world is still happening a lot of interesting things.

Probably nothing in this topic will cease to surprise us. What do you think about the above? What do you think about the Maltese licence? Will CoinDeal’s efforts be a success or maybe a total failure? Of course, we can speculate, but how it will actually happen is yet to be discovered.

We must therefore be patient and expect information every day. We cannot complain about the lack of news, because every day we are affected by news. News comes to us every day at different times. We must be prepared for this.

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