BitBay Exchange introduces IEO Launchpad

BitBay just announced the launch of BitBay IEO Launchpad. Clients of the exchange can already use the new product. On January 20, 2020 the sale of QARK tokens will start. Thus, BitBay will become one of the first exchanges offering investors the opportunity to buy IEO tokens for zlotys, as well as other fiat currencies, i.e. the United States: EUR, USD and GBP.

BitBay and IEO Launchpad

But what exactly is an IEO Launchpad by BitBay? It is a special space where investors will find information about interesting IEO projects and will soon be able to buy their tokens.

“Our IEO Launchpad was created to provide investors with a comprehensive solution. We offer a simple process of buying tokens both in crypto (BTC, ETH, USDC) and in FIAT currencies (PLN, EUR, GBP, USD). This way, even investors without a crypto will be able to participate in the sale.

– explains Paweł Sobków, CEO of Pinewood Estonia OÜ, operator of BitBay platform.

The new service is primarily a very convenient tool. Thanks to it, the users of the exchange will find information about the project in one place: a description of the project provided by the issuer of tokens, a whitepaper and additional links which will allow to get to know the IEO’s offer in detail. The purchase will be possible directly from the user’s balance on his BitBay account, using Bitcoin, Ethereum, USDC and four FIAT currencies: PLN, EUR, USD and GBP.

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QAN – business class quantum attack resistant solution

But it’s not the end of surprises from BitBay camp. Soon, on 20 January 2020, the sale of QARK tokens, which are linked to QAN from Centrum Circle, will begin. The latter is the first quantum secure, fast and multilingual platform using quantum cryptography, supporting online transactions in all major languages. Its aim is to meet the real requirements of financial institutions and industries using cryptography. QAN has identified the key features needed by industry players, developers and platform users and combined them into one powerful solution.

QANplatform was designed from the ground up to overcome all the barriers that currently hinder the massive adoption of blockchain technology. Highest security, high TPs, low power consumption and the ability to encode in popular languages, known by many programmers. Enterprises will finally be able to integrate this technology without financial and HR burdens, and that’s how blockchain will reach the general public. Explains Johann Polecsak, CTO QANplatform.

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Public sales of QARK tokens will start on January 20, 2020 and will be in 3 pools:

  • Pool 1 (from 20 January – 1 week *): 22,222,200 tokens will be available for sale at a reduced price of USD 0.27 per token.
  • Pool 2 (3 weeks *): 44,444,400 tokens will be available for sale at a reduced price of USD 0.33 per token.
  • Pool 3 (5 weeks *): 22,222,200 tokens will be available for sale at a reduced price of USD 0.39 per token.
    * The time to sell a given pot may be shortened if the number of tokens allocated to a given pot reaches the limit.

About BitBay

BitBay is one of the largest crypto exchanges in Europe, serving over 800,000 users worldwide. The platform has been operating since 2014 and lists 36 cryptocurrencues, four fiduciary currencies and has over 120 markets. BitBay offers a wide range of solutions for investors and business, including: institutional offer, PRO mode, mobile applications and BitBay Pay. BitBay operates under Estonian license. Pinewood Estonia OÜ, obtained two licenses to operate the cryptocurrencies exchange.

About QAN

QAN is a development-resistant quantum technology platform created by fintech blockchain Centrum Circle. QAN uses Lattice based cryptography, making it resistant to quantum attacks, which are mentioned as a real threat in the next five years and to which many major cryptographic networks are exposed.

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