Apple will open up in 2020 for cryptocurrencies?

The launch date of the new iPhone is said to be September this year. The PocketLint website expects many new features for this family of phones. We ask, will it be the year when Apple enters the crypto space to compete with its leading competitor, Samsung? The new iPhone can certainly support the mobile wallets that are the basis for using the cryptocurrencies. In the context of how the latter supports Samsung, HTC or Sirin Labs, this is not enough. So will Apple take a step forward?

Apple and crypto

Apple has been quite cautious about cryptocurrencies so far. Despite the fact that the co-founder of the company, the popular Steve ‘Woz’ Wozniak, is a blockchain fan and once admitted that he even has a BTC. There is one feature in the Apple ecosystem developer package so far that suggests that the giant is warming up on this issue.

We’re talking about the Crypto Kit. It’s a “high level key encryption and signing service that can be integrated into applications.

Smartphones in the blockchain world

apple logo Not so long ago, the first smartphones appeared on the market, which could arouse interest among cryptocurrencies fans.

Apart from Sirin Labs and the Finney model (this company remains quite a niche, and its token is now worth almost zero dollars), giants such as Samsung and HTC marked their presence on the cryptomarket. Both companies have added digital wallet and private key storage features to their flagship devices. The Samsung Galaxy S10 turned out to be quite a market hit, just as the Exodus HTC.

The new Apple iPhone is said to have a feature called Secure Enclave, which is supposed to help with private key storage. This means that in practice the iPhone will become a secure hardware wallet.

The company is preparing surprises

The new iPhone in general is said to surprise us with its changed look and many other surprises. The premiere is real this fall.

Looking at the steps of Samsung and HTC, Apple is almost forced to open up to the cryptic ones in order not to fall out of the market and lose a certain, ever-growing market segment like digital currency holders.

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